Is there a working explorer for zcash?
https://zcashblockexplorer.com/ is a mess. 30% of the transactions are “unknown”
https://blockchair.com/ even worse. The fee columns are just wrong.

start to get a bit worried here.


unknown means probably part of the transaction is coming from shielded address or sth i think.
about the fee, i dont know. fees are so small that it rounds it to 0.0 even if it is 0.00001 ZEC in reality

The explorers are just not parsing the orchard actions as the inputs like they do with sapling.

Heres a t2u. If you select raw jason then you can clearly see ‘orchard’ and the differences of the input and the output which is the transaction fee. https://zcashblockexplorer.com/transactions/9a3d65d28a0f1793b324c54780a7f95e2073b90d7ca9ea42e471184a42f1037c/raw

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So, we will have it broken for the next 6 months?

It should be done as part of the maintenance fee that the @ZcashGrants paid for zecblockexplorer to @NighthawkWallet

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Perhaps there is some funds available from the $148,000 for lightwalletd and ZcashBlockExplorer infrastructure that the NH team was granted :computer_mouse: :point_down: to fix this?

Thank you for filing the issue @BrunchTime

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zcashblockexplorer.com just improved the previously “Unknown” tags; at a glance it looks good to me.


There is still some wonkyness going on with zcashblockexplorer.com. For example this shielding tx shows a fee of 157.54284 ZEC. It looks the code is incorrectly showing shielded value as the tx fee. And in fully shielded transactions it presumably shows the tx fee as the amount transferred from shielded pool which is also incorrect.

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In cross pool transfers it will show the amount and yes in this case it also displays it in the tx fee field which is 0.00001 more than the amount that crossed so it seems like the transferred amount just needs to be subtracted from it.