New equihash bitmain miner: Z11

Bitmain is going to sell a new equihash miner soon: the Z11.
135 KSols, 1420W
Price seems to be about 1240$

What will happen to the ZEC price?

IMO the price of ZEC has to do with the marketing by the Zcash company and the over all crypto market and nothing to do with what mines it.

in which period did they test this machine? because I didn’t saw any hashrate spikes in the last months.

Actually there are 3 spikes if you check the hashrate graph:

1.) From 10th December 2.083G - 12th December 3.0072G (My guess here is hte Innosilicon A+ “test”)
2.) 15th January ~2.3G - 19th January ~2.9G (My guess that here the A+ arrived at the new owners which put them online in this period.
3.) 26th January ~2.66G - 1st February 3.13G (My guess is that here the Z11 went into “testing”.
4.) current hashrate dropping could be that the Z11 is put offline and prepared for shipping

That hashrate is falling after each spike is normally having mind that most the time ZEN is more profitable to mine than ZEC and a lot of switchers are on equihash… Just my guess analyzing the hashrate chart…

thank you for that @boxalex you’re right

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seems nobody cares about people buying innosilicon for 5000usd, with actually worse hashrate.

this mad situation, when actual zcash community completely detached from people who make the gameplay, is what you get, when you do not resist.

P.s. my account was suspended, but im back.

@Shawn @root
flagged the post for off topic, i’am not going to read only every single topic the asic resistance agenda again and again and again…

I’m going to disagree with you on this one @boxalex . The thread is about a new ASIC so comments about ASICs are to be expected.

Let’s just try to keep from going over the same old thing again that has been discussed at length in other topics @nec

I fail to see how the post is in any relation of the topic subject. Neither it’s mentioned, nor compared, nor anything, it’s just one of the 10000’s rants we have readed allready.

Just as a sidenote, i would have flagged the post as well if it was about the new gpus for example. I’am just tired to read in every single topic this asic bla bla bla bla which turns literaly every single topic into an asic-anti-asic discussion…

boxalex, dear, my posts are nothing, compared to your pro asic poems, which you wrote, about 10 months ago.
i can find some best cuts, where you predict positive impact of asics, but im sure you still remember it all, and there is no need.

regarding z11.

there is no need to compare z11 and innosilicone for 5000usd.

the difference is huge, and noone except asic producers decide what will happen next.

this situation i predicted 10 months ago, when you wrote about positive impact of asic on security, decentralization and lower power consumption.

thanks to people who voted for no-resistance - right now zcash mining looks like: “bitmain suddenly announced new miner, now your miner bought week ago for 5000usd is rubbish worth 700usd at best… its too bad, you should’ve known better”

question - miners located in which country have the most advantage of situation we have?

question - situation will get better or worse?

Like always, here we go with:

  • derailed topic which seems the strategy of the notorious anti asic guys today
  • personal attacks which shouldn’t be on the forum at all
  • anti asic agenda which should be in the “Let’s talk about asics” topic

sorry, i bought first zcash in 2017.
i joined this community when it was asic-resistant all the way.

the way im writing about asic cons is nothing to disturb, compared to your poems about asic pros.

in this z11 thread, i point out the offset created by any new asic.

i mean we have to care about miners community. its what gets this coin going.

and for me it is devastating that someone invested 5000 usd with best intentions, and suddenly his investment lost 80% value, overnight.

im asking you - situation will get better or worse?

what you think, my pro asic boy in new shoes?

In this case you are now going way off topic and personally addressing nec and thier past posts rather than sticking to the actual topic of the Z11 or addressing necs points about the rapid depreciation of ASIC hardware.

If you don’t want to respond to nec because you don’t like thier opinions that is fine, you don’t have to. But that doesn’t make it ok to flag topics just to try to shut down another users comments.

Nec has already been suspended for derailing topics and I will be forced to do the same for you @boxalex

If both of you don’t have anything nice to say about each other then I suggest you choose not to comment on the others posts.

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Nice of them to increase the price on the sold out item


The “sold out item”


ha “sold out”. Such a funny word.

Well, I’m not paranoid but selling out all the stock in 20 minutes since the announcement is a little strange to me.
Maybe the stock was VERY limited OR Bitmain did not sell at all any Z11.
The price change on a sold out item seems even more weird.
Anyone in the forum was able to buy a Z11 ??

Or thats just how the Internet works

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I managed to place an order for one Z11 at $1366.

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