New equihash bitmain miner: Z11

was that in the past 24 to 48 hours or ?

It was roughly 20 hours ago.

When I checked their website yesterday, it was sold out at $1048. And then a few hours later, it was momentarily available at $1366.

People without Z11 machines, can try the mining plans on sharing computing platform.

So no more units then?

Oh there’ll be more,


I wonder if re-sellers are picking these up in bulk and then selling them for more?

That’s one thing. Another thing is how many are pre-sold to mining farms on personal large deals.

Can’t remember if it was Baikal, Innosilicon or Bitmain that produced several 1000 cryptonite Asics than back bevor they have been released to public and even hosted them (temporary) for someone paying for all this long bevor the cryptonite asics went to public sales…

BuT BitMAin PrOmiSed uS tRAnSpAreNT sALeS REorTS On EquIHAsh miNeRs. ThERe iS No pRe-soLD UNitS.

that was only on the first batch of Z9 mini’s

And it seems they are going to provide shipping updates for the first batch of Z11 as well.

The key there is “First Batch”

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Well, we can’t always get what we want, can we?


In all seriousness, we can easily use the first batch as a measure of the total sales.

Actually you can’t measure anything with first batch only. It would work IF the batch sizes are always the same, but they aren’t unfortunatly.

There have been batches with just 500 units and batches with over 50,000 units which just doesn’t allow us to get a picture on what’s sold.

Скачки бывают в пределах 10 процентов от общего уровня причем за месяц по нескольку раз.

:hugs: I guess we should take this to mean that any coin that is in a hurry obviously isn’t doing anything worth doing! You’ll notice links to this very thread, now you can loop!

It’s important to remember that a consensus protocol change like Harmony mining got pushed back to NU4 at the earliest and isn’t necessarily off the table

Which means now is the time to think of something and start talking about it

I have the impression that the consensus protocol, or changes to it, is the last thing the people in charge are interested in.

Here and there some thoughts and that’s it. Harmony delayed for ages and nothing else on the horizont as well makes me just believe that no changes are planned. With no changes planned i don’t think talking and a discussion makes any sense at all.

Z9 released half year, profit per day less than USD2 already…

What is the point to keep buying new model?? it will became junk within half year again

Z11 “Fuddware” version 2.3 overclock firmware w/ per hash board voltage and frequency controls is now available. Details over at my bitcointalk thread:

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I just purchased Z11 - 135KSol brom Batch 2 or 3 (21-31 August)
I can not set the fan speed, this option is disabled in this version

Miner Type Antminer Z11
Hostname antMiner
Model GNU/Linux
Hardware Version
Kernel Version Linux 4.6.0-xilinx-g0387054-dirty #45 SMP PREEMPT Wed Jun 19 15:03:51 CST 2019
File System Version Mon Aug 26 13:37:07 CST 2019
CGminer Version 4.9.0
Uptime 5:25
Load Average 2.39, 2.17, 2.20

Does anyone have any idea how to

  • set the fan speed
  • get the noise a little bit low
  • etc…