Zcash mining profit dropped


Are these mining drop rates normal? Few days ago I was mining at a 9.5$ per day rate while yesterday it dropped to 6.5$/day.
Thanks !

You can calculate from flypool, one week before, the hash rate was 50 Mh, now it’s 90Mh. Nearly doubled. I think it will go up until few miners jump in and profit is small enough to cover the investment rigs in very long period. Or when a mining machine is invented, the GPU market will crash.

Due to ETH price down, so many people moved to ZEC. That’s why the total hash like flypool doubled now to 90MH/s.

Oh … game over soon…
Don,t forget those mining only card not on service yet…
Next week will be another double again……

So sad…

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Nope :slight_smile: It will “blast” soon. solo mining maybe?

Why are those cards gonna affect difficulty so much? It’s just another card, won’t mine any more than a 1080 or 1080 Ti, and will probably be OOS most of the time. Who knows…

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yea but keep in mind that this is not just a single card who switched

Bear in mind that the price relative to fiat has also increased. It is quite typical for hash rate of proof-of-work cryptocurrencies to respond to price: see the graph of Ethereum price vs hash rate at Hard Forks, Soft Forks, Defaults and Coercion , for example.


flypool hashrate over 102MH/S…
and Zcash price has dropped a lot…

more new comer but price dropping… so sad… Y_Y

No, it was actually in the 80+ earlier. The jump to 100+ mH/S, if you look at the stats,a bunch of 9M, 8M, 4M, etc. farms jumped in. They will be gone shortly, but that always happens.

You think this will normalize? Today I’m starting to worry, literally mining half of what I should be making. Difficulty is kicking my ass haaard :fearful:

Same here guys. On Supernova 10 days ago the 15th highest hashrate miner was 25,000 Hash/s, today it’s 55,000 hash/s!

The dream is dieing :frowning:

I ordered a 7x 1070 rig that has not yet been shipped. I think I’ll cancel it tomorrow

3109sols/s for only 878.04$ is low :frowning:

difficulty over 4.5Million again…
when those farming only GTX1060 and GTX1080 all in full run… I cannot imagine… :stuck_out_tongue:

i notice that everybody that is being negative has probably not been around that long. back in january we were mining with just a little profit on top of earning back the electricity costs. nowadays we make shitloads of money compared to that period, be happy, keep mining as long as it is profitable. be realistic though with new money you’re going to put into it. difficulty does almost always increase, no matter what, nothing new.


Very much resembles “weak hands” we see jumping in on the markets as of late.
If they want to panic and part ways, just let them.
The ironic thing is how they don’t realize by exiting the space they lessen the global hashrate therefore doing us all a favor by not lessening our returns.

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Agreed so hard.

Did they not expect the diff to increase as price increases? I am very lucky to have several full rigs. these young bloods need to just plan accordingly. They think zcash is bad? try ethereum, or bitcoin.

Nothing is easy, sadly.


I’m pretty sure you can get around 3400 sol/s with 7 1070s, with OC, of course.

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I’m 21 yo, my dad told me that he dont want my money for the electricity so I was planning to run it at 60%TDP minimum and 80%TDP maximum

Electricity cost is 0.16230$/kWh

I’ll start with 1 GPU waiting for risers from china (slow delivery) and order the 6 last GPUs

I’ve 14 days to decide me since the delivery

did you told your dad exactly how much power mining draws? because with 0.16/kwh the monthly bill for mining depending on wich 7 cards you farm will be 100-200 $ :grin:

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