New equihash bitmain miner: Z11

In this case you are now going way off topic and personally addressing nec and thier past posts rather than sticking to the actual topic of the Z11 or addressing necs points about the rapid depreciation of ASIC hardware.

If you don’t want to respond to nec because you don’t like thier opinions that is fine, you don’t have to. But that doesn’t make it ok to flag topics just to try to shut down another users comments.

Nec has already been suspended for derailing topics and I will be forced to do the same for you @boxalex

If both of you don’t have anything nice to say about each other then I suggest you choose not to comment on the others posts.

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Nice of them to increase the price on the sold out item


The “sold out item”


ha sold out. Such a funny word.

Well, I’m not paranoid but selling out all the stock in 20 minutes since the announcement is a little strange to me.
Maybe the stock was VERY limited OR Bitmain did not sell at all any Z11.
The price change on a sold out item seems even more weird.
Anyone in the forum was able to buy a Z11 ??

Or thats just how the Internet works

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I managed to place an order for one Z11 at $1366.

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was that in the past 24 to 48 hours or ?

It was roughly 20 hours ago.

When I checked their website yesterday, it was sold out at $1048. And then a few hours later, it was momentarily available at $1366.

People without Z11 machines, can try the mining plans on sharing computing platform.

So no more units then?

Oh there’ll be more,


I wonder if re-sellers are picking these up in bulk and then selling them for more?

That’s one thing. Another thing is how many are pre-sold to mining farms on personal large deals.

Can’t remember if it was Baikal, Innosilicon or Bitmain that produced several 1000 cryptonite Asics than back bevor they have been released to public and even hosted them (temporary) for someone paying for all this long bevor the cryptonite asics went to public sales…

BuT BitMAin PrOmiSed uS tRAnSpAreNT sALeS REorTS On EquIHAsh miNeRs. ThERe iS No pRe-soLD UNitS.

that was only on the first batch of Z9 mini’s

And it seems they are going to provide shipping updates for the first batch of Z11 as well.

The key there is “First Batch”

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