New equihash bitmain miner: Z11

Doing so will invalidate any warranty you may have

You can download (save) a copy of the firmware and use notepad to make manual changes then upload it back into the device.

You can look for a 3rd party who has cracked the firmware, pay them $$ for that version and have control over the device.

AGAIN Doing so will invalidate any warranty you may have

thanks for your comment

It’s noise is killing me :weary:
I have to shutdown it at nights.
Does any one have any Idea how to reduce Z11’s noise?

There are lots of videos on YouTube about soundproofing Antminers by putting it in a box, could also work for the Z11.

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I imagine it is as loud as the Antminer S9-s, and these are loud. So you have two options (three if we count putting in liquid cooling system - this requires modding the system and is not cheap)

  1. Box - as Shawn suggested. There are videos on Youtube on how to do that. If you go this route make sure you don’t suffocate the miner and monitor the temperature. You have to make sure its stable. Also if you use materials such as styrofoam to build the box be aware that small chunks can get inside the miner and cause additional heating.

  2. Move the miner to another location where the sound won’t be an issue - make sure the sound doesn’t bother anyone else. The location also must be secure, have electricity and internet (duh) and you should be able to access the miner from distance to make sure it is running and is running at good temperature.

    1. and 2. can be combined. Good luck!
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There is as well another option, putting the miner into mineral oil. I never have done it when i still had my small mining facility, but it works for sure.

The problem than is only the PSU and if you want a real low noise home mining you need a high quality home PSU unit like in PC’s with enough output to work on the Z11.

With mineral oil and a low noise PC PSU with enough power it should be nearly noiseless and even allow you to push the hashrate higher.

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Thank you all for advice.
Z11 is loud, about 75db.
Fan speed 4920 - 5160
disturbing me very much (

Isn’t it possible to put PSU into mineral oil?

Not sure, it might be possible. You have to remove the fans from everything you put into mineral oil.
You need some “cheat” for the Asic when removingthe fans there i guess which i’am pretty sure are available.
Actually thinking about it, it is possible for sure after there are PC’s in liquids and mineral oil. I just don’t know how. Try google maybe?

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You could also try to dabble with the fan speed and lower it down a bit with the risk of heating the chips too much. Lower the speed of the fans will lower the noise. I’ve explored the chips of the Z9 minis and they could theoretically run up to 120 degrees Celsius. And I would never risk to run them that high, coz I don’t know how the rest of the system might take that and weather this is sustainable in the long term. Still it is probably one of the easier things to do, as long as you account for the risk.

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the Batch from August 21-31 has no option to dabble (


Perhaps you could bypass this restriction trough a backdoor or a custom firmware. When I was doing my research I found a lot of useful information to compare my experience with other miners here -

Inspect the element for the setup field, thats how it was done with the mini, mine was in a closet near a window, it idled most of the time but I definitely had to isolate it