Dont switch. Keep hashing!

Please dont switch all to eth. We need hasrate on zec to get this coin succesful. Tell others! Stay on zec!



no longer in the top10 of profitiable coins, everyone back to their original coins

WHY down price zcash tell me please
I LIKE MINING Zcash i keep it hash

still you talkin bout?

I guess there is more sellers than buyers - so ppl are offloading zec and no one wants to buy... so price go lower and lower...

this is some kind of drama :c

how many people invest $$$ in their rigs in hope of profit with zec?) it was so hyped.
Yesterday price was about ~500 usd, now its 277 and going down.
But if you really can predict price movement, you can make profit too :wink:

For me, isn't no longer profitable.
My Energycosts are to expensive.

On Zec i have 160 Wh.
3,84 kWh per Day.
Receive 0,004 ZEC per Day
0,22 Euro per kWh
Actual 0,38 BTC per ZEC

After all ... round about 10 Cent per Day!
And the price per ZEC decrease.