New guy in town, need help

Hello all,

I have just started the mining rig Claymore’s zecminer. My current total hashrate with 6 GPUs is reflected at 657.573 H/s with 376 shares submitted. According to Cryptocompare, at the current diff/price, this hashrate would generate a $1102.98 profit. My rig is pointed to, port 3333. The GUI on the pool reflects a somewhat accurate hashrate but the total shares so far are only 27, while the normalized share submisison table shows around 330/600 normalized shares submitted every 10 minutes. Furthermore, the estimated earnings are only about 10% ($108.09, to be exact), of what Cryptocompare shows on the calculation. Would anyone of you point me on the right direction to try to understand all this? I have only be mining for 110 minutes. Kind regards. qbanito.

you say it, only 110 minutes. now 5h are over since your post. did you continue to mine or did you stop mining once until now?

use and put your gpus there it will give you close to accurate estimates.

660 sol “hash rate” is almost one gtx1080ti " which gives around 700 sol "
that will give you at current prices around 4.5 - 5 USD per day worth of zcash .
the estimated earnings you mentioned are close to correct. could be little less .

6 gpu gtx1080ti will not get you 1100 USD worth of zcash at current prices “assuming per month”, maybe 900 .