Pool Mining and profit?

Hi everyone.
I just started mining Zcash yesterday. My rig is currently giving me 50H/s I know it is not a lot but when I inputted into the zec mining calculator at https://www.cryptocompare.com/mining/calculator/zec it said I should be mining just over 2 ZEC per month but at flypool.org I have been mining for 24 hours and gotten 0.008 ZEC. If I convert that to a months earnings it gives me 0.24 ZEC per month. Can anyone explain to me why this is so? Is it because of the slow start mining?
Thank you in advance

cryptocompare calc is not accurate…use whattomine…and deduct another 20% from that for the actual revenues… (20% accounting for pool instability, miner instability and uncontrollable downtimes).

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Thank you that was very helpful. I got a more realistic figure now. Also would it be worth it to mine solo?
and so far which pool seems to be the best?

I have been on Suprnova’s pool since the start with only 150- 200 sol/s and have earned 0.07967870 ZEC. Selling here and there early garnered me about 250 dollars so far in 3 days but the price is so up and down it’s hard to say where it will stabilize. If for nothing else I’m having fun. ZEC.suprnova.cc is the pool address. Solo mining is very risky. It would take so long to get a block because of the size of the pools. If you hit qa block it would be all yours but the odds are very slim.

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haha yeah its going to be interesting to see where it stabilizes. Thank you. I will give supernova a try.

There are two strategies :
A. You instantly sell anything you mine as soon as you can no matter the price.
B. You hold when the price seems low and sell when the price seems high. It require some skills in trading.

yes supernova and flypool…both are pretty good…solo mine won’t reap you anything…i was solo mining in the begining but currently shifted to flypool…its giving approx 0.225 zec/khs over d last 24 hrs

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It’s fixed now, I did not take into account the slow mining ramp up. Should be fine. I’m calculating it as 0-10 reward over blocks 0-20,000 so it goes up by 0.0005 per block.

It should be ZEC 0.3395 but as silverark says, you should take away 20%