Need help and very new to mining!

So I just started Mining yesterday and I don’t know if the results I got are any good? So I’m using an all AMD pc with a Ryzen 7 CPU and a AMD RX580 GPU.
For mining ZEC for 2 hours I was getting 50 shares for my first hour and around 40 shares on my second hour. I checked my wallet and it said I have 0.00018 ZEC in their. Am I doing anything wrong or is that normally the rate I should be getting?

please don’t post the same question in multiple threads

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There are too many factors in here.

First of all, what is your rate (Sol/s) you are getting?

Next, what pool are you using?

Then, Are you running Windows?

Finally, what software are you using to mine?

You’d be better off mining ETH with that card:

Well I’m getting around 289H/s
Using flypool claymore
Windows 10
And not sure what you mean about software

Hi im setup on macbook pro 13" 2011 High sierra.
Using suprnova pool and seems like im mining as 2.70 Hs and 5,22 sOL with code in box saying receiving new jobs.
But on the suprnova interface im showing zero Zcash and flat lining on stats?
Can anyone help pllease

You won’t get Zcash for a while at that rate I think.


Im patient and would like to know how i can increase hash rate safely.

Would i need an external thunderbolt graphics card attached and extra ram?

Please advise

There’s 2 big problems you have here. One is your using a laptop so even if you are able to mine it will get way to hot too quickly for it to be sustainable especially for hours/days. And the second is even if you decide to buy an external GPU, it’s gonna be hard for you to get results as normally connecting a good enough GPU to mine to your laptop the connection to the laptop will slow down the GPU performance. Google up problems of EGPUs or summat. I recommend considering buying a new pc if your gonna use it daily on top of mining but if you just wanna mine consider buying a rig or even a second hand rig

forget notebook mining on external gpus
u cant get anything reasonable from it rather get an old used crap PC from a friend for few bucks (50-60 bucks) with at lest 1 PCIe card slot nad PSI that have at least a 6pin for powering GPU and invest 200-240 bucks in 1060 3 GB Nvidia for a start some at least reasonable mining