New in zcach mining- need help of yen config please

Good evening everyone,

I am just setting up a new mining rig for zcash mining.
I am tuning in Windows 10 pro, gigabyte B250-fintech mining mother board, ps 1600w

My problem is that when I put a second 1080ti, it is simply not recognised by the system.

Mining with one board is not a problem and works perfectly.
I taught ma new GC had a problem, so I unplugged the first and plugged the new one… and it’s revognised and works.

So my problem is that my bios or windows do not recognised à decide mother board.

I reinstalled windows 3 times and drives and bios are up todate… I juste spend more then 10 hours on it as still stuck… anyone can help please ??

Thank mates !
Zcach power!

Did you turn on all pcie slots, turn it to gen 2 and enable 4g in bios? Search youtube, there are some good tutorials…

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Hello thank for your answer.

Gen 2 is set, mining mode is set, above 4g decoding is set. I mean I set up all the config provided on internet.

How do your enable all your pci slot? Is there something special to do ?

I’m not familiar with that mobo.I’ll have to look. Probably is but, Is all your power connected to the graphic cards and risers?

Try this.

I tried already but nothing…

The only solution I found for the moment in case someone has the same problem:

I plugged the pcie one by one with windows started already !

Then it start recognising the card, after each card I had the restart the system … now it’s working and running…

For my next rig, for sur I will take an other MB.

Thanks mate for your time !

Don’t use windows as operating system. Buy one-time license of ETHOS it is fairly simple to operate. Both the cards will be recognized and you wont need to caliberate the windows.