need a little help on my latest rig for zcash.

I am running Windows 10 LTSB, with 8GB of Ram, SSD, I5 3450 CPU, Cuda 9.1, newest drivers from Nvidia, Nvidia Gforce 1060 cards, the last beta version of bios from ASRock that claimed better PCIe performance. The computer runs great, no trouble codes on the MB, no issues in DM. It hashes very well and is stable, I have a P67 Pro SE running 4 cards flawlessly and love it. That is why I bought this this board to use. I copied the bios settings, some options are different, as much as I could. The OS’s are set up identical, I clone my SDD’s and deploy them to save headaches. Can anyone think of a reason for this MB not to detect this last PCIe slot? I have moved the PCIe risers and tried them in other positions and they all work, it just seems that something is limiting it to 3 cards in a setting or something that I can not locate. Also before anyone asks why I chose this board, the other one runs great and I have a lot of I5 LGA 1155’s with lots of Ram from a deployment, that I got for free, and would like to save on my overhead.

Sounds like above 4g decoding might not be on.
Or try manually setting all the PCI to Gen1 in the BIOS. I’m not familiar with that MB so not sure the options.

Yeah this board is older and doesn’t have those options, as I can see. My MSI board does but it’s a newer generation, 1151 socket. I have another board that matches exactly to this one. I built the rig for it last night and after work today will be picking up a SSD for it. I will compare those 2 and see if the issue is present in both of them or just the 1st of that batch. Thank you for replying through, if you think of anything or see something that might guide me in the right direction let me know.