My computer doesn't see the second GTX 1080Ti card

Hello, I am trying to use 2 Nvidia GTC 1080Ti for mining Zcash.

my OS is Windows 10, my motherboard is MSI Z170A Krait Gaming X3, Processor Intel I7

I am using 2 PCI Riser and both of them are working. At the moment the 1 video card that is working is connected with the riser.

I set up my bios to Gen 1 and Mining Enabled. The second card is not founded. Does anyone know what the problem can be?

Thank you for you help.

You don't need 4G enabled for less than 4 GPU's. Try that.

Thank you for your response. I just tried that but it didn't help. I was able to see the 2 cards one time but then I restarted the computer and the second one was gone. I updated the bios etc... But the second card is still not found.

Have you tried moving it to another slot?

Can you do a screenshot of "Device Manager"?

I am reinstalling windows 10, on the device manager I only see one card. Not 2

My 2 cards GTX 1080Ti are both on the riser, When I install windows I only plug 1 card correct? and the I plug the other card after.

Is there a order for me to do things? can someone please send me a step by step guide just for my hardware? Also best bios settings?

Z150A Krait Gaming X3, 2 GTX 1080Ti, Windows 10.

Thank you very much! I am going crazy with these problems!

You got two cards why not just put them directly on the motherboard without risers

I want to put them with the riser because I am doing some Zcash mining and they overheat.

I also want to be able to add more cards in the future

I went from Gen1 to Gen 2 but nothing I still don't see the second card... I don't think it is bios problems. I update the bios several times and I don't understand why I can only see 1PCI slot

Now it is working, I just changed the raiser to a new one and now it working. It may have been just some bad connection.

Thank you all for your help. You guys rock!