New pool - ZCash + ZClassic + ZenCash + HUSH

Hello! A new pool has been launched -

The reward system is as following - 50% of block rewards go to block founder; the rest is divided up evenly across all other miners; pool fee is 5%.

Will be glad to see all of you there. Everyone welcome :slight_smile:

Why would anyone mine at that pool with those fees?


It’s like a pool for nicehasher, Ha!
But really, reward system is really really bad, never heard of a pool this bad.

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Maybe you didn’t explain well what is going on?
Like, if I mine at 90% of total pool hashrate am I getting 50% + 90% of 45%? Or do I get 50% and that’s it?
I read in your website that fees will decrease over time, please specify what is your % fee your aiming at (0.5%? 1%? 2%?). Without letting us know what are the next steps it’s very hard to believe in friendly pool.

Ok, so I found out the rules page.

Rule #2:

Reward is divided up as following: 50% - to a miner who has found a solution (or 100% if you are alone miner in the pool); 50% - equally distributed across all of rest miners; 5% - pool fee; 20% - founders fee (please note that not all coins take dev fee). Fees are deducted before all payouts to miners

Is the 5% fee deducted from the total of the reward or only on the 50% equally distributed?

Thanks guys for your attention, feedback and questions

Fees are not constant and they follow the scheme: 5% → 2.5% → 1.25% → 0.625%. Fees deducted before all payouts when block rewards received. Fees are going to support the project.

Such rewards system takes in account every pool member regardless of your resource power. On the other hand you get much more if your block was accepted as solution - it is guaranteed 50%. How much do you get for that in other pools with weight of shares?

Why whould anyone mine here with those fees? This is good question - you can contribute any resources in the pool and be rewarded even for that. As shown above fees are flexible and going down over time.

In the ideal world where we might find a block every 2.5 minutes means that everyone in the pool would be getting something every 2.5 minutes.

So if I find the solution to a block I essentially get 5 ZEC plus whatever?

So if 50% of the reward goes to the one who solves the block, that appears to me, at least, that the largest miners will win nearly all of the time. How does that, then, incentivize the smaller miners?

You get 50% for that particular rig (read worker) who found a solution - yes, essentially this is approximately 5 ZEC. If you have more rigs and they are mining more than 17 minutes, then they will get portion of another 50% which will be distributed across others evenly. Lets say the total workers in the pool is 10. You are mining with 3 workers. One of your three has got solution. Then you would get: ~5 ZEC as a block founder plus 2 * ~5 / 9 = 1.1111… Total is 6.11111… ZEC

As a small miner you will get your portion too. You can control number of small miners - as many small miners you own, then you get more.