Why Mine When ZCash is so CHEAP?

I recommend to those may want to get into mining right now to simply buy ZCash outright. Since it’s impossible to get GPU’s at anything that comes close to a fair price and that ZCash is so low right now, the potential for future profits favors cash into ZCash. Moreover, and if the profiteers and gougers were not an insult enough, the difficulty levels facing miners now are the highest they’ve ever been.

Consider buying 4 untis of ZEC at $980 (price right now) versus getting one 1080ti GPU. The ZEC or the GPU are the same in price…one is a good deal the other is a perversion. That GPU will get you at best 700sol/s which means you have to mine 24/7 for approx 3.5 to 4 months to get one unit of ZEC. Since they burn 250 watts of power - and power isn’t free unless you steal it - you’ll use about 630kw of electricity in the time it takes you to mine one ZEC. This is another 75 bucks or so in power using “average” costs. But keep in mind that the difficulty will grow and things always take longer and cost more even when you take into consideration that it takes longer and costs more.

It’s safe to argue that you’ll mine 16 months or more to get the same 4 ZEC you can buy right now today. Will you get a grand for the 1080ti 16 months from now? I don’t think so, but you can sell it then and offset your 350 bucks in power bills you paid along the way to feed it.

So let’s say that I buy ZEC and you buy GPU and that ZEC goes to 1000 in 16 months. I made three grand and you have a 1080ti, 350 in power bills you paid and 4 zec too. You might sell the GPU and get some of your money back for it which will offset your power costs, but to make the same potential profit you’ll have to sell it for quite a bit.

My recommendations are to buy outright, especially if the price of ZEC goes lower. If you’re mining already, then keep going - or sell your gear and buy directly too. Of course, if GPU’s were priced fairly and bought easily, then it would be a different matter.

tl/dr: We’re at the tipping point where ZEC price, mining difficulty and GPU price profiteering/gouging favor buying ZCash directly instead of mining it.


I agree, furthermore, I currently have 2 1080s and am debating selling 1 now and buying zec before volta comes out and lowers the price of the gpu.

Example, I sell one for 800, buy 3.5 zec. To mine 3.5 zec is 466 days at the current diff.

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Same thing I have been advising people in several of my last posts. However I am now putting the disclaimer that these suggestions are not professional investment advice. Only my own opinions. :sunglasses:


Last night I decided to buy a couple ZEC in addition to mining. I will keep my rig going on ZEC but would like to take advantage of the current low price.

Can anyone recommend a secure, quick way to buy either ZEC with a credit card or buy Bitcoin with a credit card and then exchange for ZEC? I was going to buy from changelly.com but they want a 10% premium so I wanted to ask before pulling the trigger.

You could try airtm.io its new and i havent heard any reviews
That difficulty is weird, my last payout time was how it used to be

In would be cautious buying any coins on credit card

How would you buy them otherwise?

Some exchanges let you transfer in cash. I know it is probably easier with a credit card.

just register an exchange like kraken for example the fees are low and you trade at market price possibly you can use ATMs to buy them for cash if your ATM provider supports them

bcoz I dont have money to buy Zcash… I am a Student working as an Intern and got my 6 x 1070 mining rig from a loan I took from my brother… even though the returns are crappy…

Does Kraken have a 6 to 8 week wait time for your account to be verified like Poloniex or bitfinex?

6 to 8 weeks! Are you mad? You should definitely go with a reputable exchange, their identity verification will take minutes
Edit- i guess theres really not too many, are there?

Tether took me 5 months…no joke…some BS…really piss poor process of waiting and waiting. Kraken takes about three days. I have the highest tier and it took well less than a week. Just give them all of the necessary documentation.

i don know what u talk about for me it took 3 weeks to get T3 access on Kraken
bitfinex took me 4 weeks dont know about polo

I read a story a few months ago about bittrex opening up USD, but has yet to happen

What about if you are already mining? My current 9 GPU rig is cranking out about 1 ZEC a month, maybe 1.3 if I’m lucky. so my $1000/mo net profit from a few months ago is now about $200 a month. Maybe I’m better off selling my rig for $5k, which equates to about 2 years of mining at current rates.

There are lots of people with the same idea. Just a look a my local area major classifieds site shows dozens of rigs up for sale. Most with a 2 year ROI at current prices. Hopefully no one will be foolish enough to pay those asking prices for used equipment.

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are you selling the mined coins right away when u write u having a profit of 200/month your profit per month will be determined after you sell the coins
mining for 6 months getting 6 coins
selling after the 6 months when the coin reach top let say 1000 is making you a profit of 1000/month even when the price in the let say 2nd month dropped to 200 it dosent matter because u dont sell at that low price … in the end it is up to you anyway as for me i would not sell the rig until its ROI especially in case you build it from new parts.

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By mining and keeping the coins in hope of a better price you become a speculator. Many want to avoid the specualtion entirely by simply selling on a set schedule, at market price.

Nothing wrong with that strategy. I don’t think it’s the best one but there’s nothing wrong with doing it if the person does it for their own good reasons.

that is also a point of view …i dont need the money from crypto still have a normal job and i pay the electricity bill on 1 year basis so i dont mind to wait for a good price and meantime i mine the coin while there is still low difficulty but yeah everyone need to build their own strategy based on their needs