New to mining, looking for some help

Hello there, I’m new to this.
I’m using macOS High Sierra (Mid 2013 MacBook Air).
Processor: 1.3 GHz Intel Corei5. Can you guys give me any tips and which is better?
Thanks Guys!!!

Not sure what your asking. What are you trying to compare?

My question is what is the best server port?

you have integrated intel gpu on that notebook.

you can’t really do much and probably will mine using cpu only, that might get you 5 cents or so per day .
so unless you have free electricity , you will be losing money and degrading your aging notebook much quicker .

If you want to get a taste of what mining is like I suggest you look into coins with algorithm that is more cpu friendly, like cryptonight lite. I was mining a small cap coin from my regular PC and it was quite fun but currently the weather is quite hot where I am and it is not worth it to overheat my old computer.

Good luck!

absolutely not profitable!
The only option is to connect an external GPU (over thunderbold) min like GTX1060. You profit will be 0.5$ per/days

I think you should mine with NVIDIA P102 graphic cards as are the best cards for mining as it assures 53 to 55 Mh/s with power consumption of 158 watts ( low frequency OC) .