New to mining - Mining for 20 hours solo = 0 profit - is it normal?


I just started mining for the fun of trying something new out.

I did a set up within a linux vm and I have been mining for almost 21hours.

I got this up to now:

You have validated 105061 transactions!
You have contributed 8.4467 Sol/s on average to the network solution rate.
You have completed 329922 Equihash solver runs.

Balance is 0 and the getinifo has 0.00000

Is it normal since I am mining solo or should I have at least a little 0.000001?

Thanks for the input

I think it’s normal since 8,4 h/s is not a lot and their is a slow start reward so very few coins are created every block…

is there any actual test to make sure there is no error in my setup?

If you are solo mining then you will only have a balance if you mine a block. Contrasted to pooled mining where you get a small trickle of ZEC proportional to what you contribute to the pool. Mining solo is more of a lottery. The current network hash rate is about 1.8mil Sol/s. So the odds of your 8.4 Sol/s finding a block before the rest of the network is pretty slim.


1 chance out of 214285… lol so should I stop or join a pool or buy some cloud mining?
Any suggestions on cloud mining?

Yes, join a pool. You need 10000s of Sol/S to compete with the pools already

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