Flypool top miners - what are they ?!

1 worker, creating over 500kh/s ? what makes that happen ?

you can set as many pc’s on the same worker name

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Thanks for clearing that :slight_smile:

Also, I asked a few months ago about the same, look at the post:

I felt it was risky when I invested $1K… there are people investing hundred of thousands in GPUs and Mining Farms.

I hear ya. I spent 2k and I feel like it was pointless hahaha.

But I’m still making money so I can’t complain

Oh no, it’s not pointless at all! I am now buying “now and then” GTX 1060 cards for US$200, and they get paid in just 2 months now that ZEC skyrocketed to US$300.

Still, electricity costs is the big killer… still evaluating numbers to get a solar/wind station:

So, do not be afraid to continue this road… some people claim that ZCash will be the next Bitcoin… imagine when it hits US$3,000!

I spent 3.5k yesterday for a 7 1070s rig with 7% discount I stay positive and I saw that ETH is actually more profitable