Newbie needs advice setting up a couple CPUs for mining

Hi All - I have been trading and mining in the crypto market for a few months now and have done decently well.

Now, I am considering setting up my own mining rigs using a couple old CPUs and an old mac book pro.

I'm looking for advice regarding this idea in general as well as how much I can mine on my own vs cloud pools like Geneisis (which I currently use) and then where and how to learn to set up a rig for ZEC, BTC and ETH.

Any thoughts an help are very much appreciated.

To be honest, mining ZEC with CPUs (especially old ones), at this point, would hardly cover the cost of the power they use.

They dont cover the cost of electricity unless the electricity cost is close to free. My 6800k with quadchannel ddr4 makes about 42h/s and i think thats about as good as it gets comes to CPU mining (using nhqminer 3a). Still you probably need more like 100H/s just to cover a normal electricity bill. My FX8350 only does about 16h/s, laptop i5 8h/s and older laptop i3 about 2h/s. Unless you can build a more efficient mining SW or have free/close to free electricity you're better of buying zec on a market.

Plz let us know if you can find a more efficient CPU miner =)

Thanks for the info!

Got it and thanks. How about BTC?

I know nothing about BTC, other than you need to buy ASIC miners to mine it; GPUs can't deal with the astronomical difficulty that the BTC network has reached in recent years. I'm sure someone else has a much more informed opinion, though.