Any advice on mining zcash?

Advice i need is in terms of software. Which software will be most suitable for an average mining rig? Any suggestions would be helpful.

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You’ll need ASIC hardware & very cheap power, its been a long time since mining rigs played here.

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You can rent GPU rigs out at nicehash for BTC. You can then buy ZEC directly on nicehash. I do it but as you can see this 1070 GPU only makes 26 cents a day which is terrible.

I jist switched it on so I expect it to improve but not more than 50 cents per day.

I have found that I mine 0.5 zec per month with this GPU this way. Its water cooled so there is no noise.

Yeah mining is little outdated. I have now decided to invest in bitcoin futures cftc. It is rather good to invest than mine.