Nice hash issue cpu threads

when i run nicehash miner and use the open cl start, it boots up 12 threads on my cpu. what do i change so it doesn’t use that many cpu threads, or any for that matter and only use my secondary gfx card?

-t 0 turns of CPU
-t 1 is 1 thread etc etc
-cd 0 for 1 GPU
-cd 0, 1 is for 2 GPUs
-cd 0, 1, 2 is for 3 GPUs etc etc

thanks so much! that helped with my thread issue i was having.

i have a gtx 770 i use in my rig for regular everyday things and i have a 270x as a secondary card for mining.

This is a rig i use for pretty much everything so i just tossed that amd card in. it worked for eth mining no prob, and i could still game and what not with the 770. Now when i run nice hash it seems to be using my gtx 770 instead of the amd card. any ideas?

AMD I think doesn’t work
Try with -t 0 -cd 0 and then with -t 0 -cd 1

no dice. doesn’t seem to be working.