Any miner but nicehash freezes my computer

I have an eight gpu mining machine.

2 x powercolor red devil rx 580
2 x msi armor rx 580 8gb
2 x nvidia 1080 founders edition
2 x nvidia 1080 ti

I have the four rx 580s hooked up to a 4 way usb splitter the 1080 tis are directly attached to the board and the 1080s are connected to risers taht are connected to pci slots.
I have an ax1200 and an hx 1200 power supply. The external cards are attached to the hx1200 and everything inside is attached to the ax1200. I have tested each card individually and each riser individually.
I am at the end of my rope with this. I can run nicehash forever and no problem but if i copy and paste the exact same miners fro. The third party miner folder in nicehash and configure them to mine zec on pool my computer freezes in less than ten minutes.
Any ideas guys?

I undervolt the rx 580s by -10. And the power limit for the nvidia is 90%. Everything else is stock. Also i can run just the nvidias and its fine but the minute i use the amds with any miner it freezes.

What’s your paging file size set to?
Try manually setting it to greater than 16GB if you don’t already

My paging file is set to 20-24 gb?

Some miners don’t like mixing card types. I suppose you are using Windows? Have you tried just running the amd cards or the Nvidia cards and see if they work with the miners?

is your monitor connected to a mining card? my pc will freeze and reboot if i use the video card for mining and normal use.