[NiceHash] Fast 24h ZEC Mining Contracts - Up to 60 kSol/s

We at NiceHash have prepared some sweet offers for all of you and it would be a shame to miss them out. We are currently owning 1/5 of ALL hashing power available on the market for mining ZEC. Meaning, we are handling over 1,000 kSol/s with more than 30,000 active miners.

Let me quickly explain what we offer in with our fast ZEC mining contracts.


  • Quick 24-hours contracts.
  • From 0.2 kSol/s up to 60 kSol/s.
  • Can buy multiple contracts.


  • Every 5 minutes, starting from 0.001 ZEC.


  • 0% Order fee.
  • 0% Cancellation fee.
  • 1% Pool fee.
  • 0.0001 BTC nonrefundable fee.

Need more than 60 kSol/s?
We can deliver you more since we are currently providing over 1 MSol/s.
We are not the classic “cloud mining” company. We don’t own the rigs. We have real miners, providing hashing power with their computers and farms connected to our network. You are paying them to work for you.

We are genuinely offering you the most affordable way to buy massive hashing power in the shortest period of time.

Enough talk, just check this out.
Fast 24hour ZEC mining contracts

Highly suggest for everyone to try it. You can cancel anytime so there is almost 0 risk. You don’t get locked into contracts like with other cloud mining companies.

lol the price of the contracts just doubled,

This is normal, because of the high demand on the marketplace. People can’t get that much hashing power anywhere else. We can currently provide over 170 kSol/s.

I have updated the opening post. Check it out, since we now offer up to 60 kSol/s with more than 1,000 kSol/s available to rent!

price is almost equal tot he profit, what’s the point? at least your cloud is trusted if you are affilieted with nicehash, or you are nicehash itself delivering this?

If I got that right … 0,2k sols/s for 35$ for 24 hours?
With that you can make like 25$ per day.

So you pay 35$, but get 25$ in return.

That doesn’t sounds right to me.

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I work at NiceHash.
Prices are regulated by the demand. So buyers dictate the prices, not us directly.
It is very vibrant and alive marketplace.

because you need to make a move at the right moment :grin:

The prices are too high, everyone who can operate a calculator will find it out.

If contracts are not right fit for you, then maybe this is something you should try:

You can bid for a lower price at the marketplace and hope you will get at least some sol-rate for asking price.

Of course it is always up to your plan on how you’ll approach the mining ZEC.
If you have a farm in your back backyard you can mine it that way, this is also a good solution but in other scenarios, it is always better and easier to buy with NiceHash.

I tryed some days ago, standard and fixed offer. But every request was not successfully…, but thanks.

if at first you don’t succeed… try this vdo might help - YouTube :relaxed:

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