Mining contacts / ZEC | Where to buy?

ZEC will boom and I would like to invest into a mining contract since I dont have to time/experinace to setup my own rig.
I have one simpel qwestion…
What is the best mining contract to buy???
There are so many chosis pleas help.
Thank you.

there some spots to do that

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5thdimension we do as well

nicehash (20 charact)

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Setup an escrow and check prices here

Cloud Mining is overpriced

Do not cloud mine Zec. Prices and sol rate for miners are changing too fast to insure your getting your moneys worth. A mining rig is nothing more than your desktop computer with a few specific parts required.

What about a different cloud mining offer ?

1 - You pay only the cost of 1 card or 2, or 3, let’s say $200 each.
2 - a real card is bought and put @ work in a rig
3 - You receive mined coins minus electricity and fair maintenance fee in your ZEC/ETH or BTC address

If new mining software appears, you directly get the extra income
The rigs automatically mine the most profitable crypto
You are still the owner of the card(s) and can retrieve it any time for only delivery cost during the warranty time

As an option if you don’t want the card(s), we would propose a payback system. If you are not satisfied of earned incomes and want to end the contract, at some moments: every 3 months, we propose a buyback offer. The amount would be known live, on a day to day basis.

I think it would be far better than buying XX sol/s or H/s for $XXX

I plan to propose such an offer. What do you think ?

Hi all thank you for the responses.
Its hard to calculate exact profits and returns.
But I will give it a shot now will buy contrats and will post the results.
Thank you.