Nicehash Zcash mining or Flypool Mining - Testing

I’ve been using Nicehash for around 2 months now and have determined that the profitability fluxuates considerably (From 0.02 BTC a week to 0.011 BTC a week in some cases with at most 2-3 hours a week downtime). So I’ve decided to use this week as a test to see if I benefit more going direct to a mining pool rather than selling the hashing power.

Theoretically, I’ve determined that I should receive a 15-20% jump in profits using when comparing the of ZEC and Nicehash-Equihash ($3.94 to $3.36 a day).

Mining Pool: Flypool (largest one I think in terms of mining power share)
Miner: Claymore miner 12.4 with Crimson 15.12 Drivers
Time started: 13:00 Friday 12th May - 13:00 Friday 19th May 2017.

Let’s see how it fares then!


Noted: My miner went down for 12 hours (Exam season - Sleeping with ridiculous amounts of time is plausible!) so to compensate, I have turn on an addition miner for 36 hours during the week to compensate.