[NiceHash] Zcash Pool- Scheduled shutdown by end of November

I was under the impression that main net addresses start with 'z' not 't' (or you can't generate 't' addresses with main net).

What's happened with your pools 3357, 3333 ?

Seem to be getting read_until: End of File , then reconnect on all my miners

Uh oh.... read until: End of File... Is NiceHash GGd?

Same thing going on here. I'm paying money for equipment to mine this pool, be nice if it were up!!!

Same thing happening here to

Their miner is down, my 60 sol/s is down, please open them.

Anyone try other servers yet?

We are sorry for the inconveniences with the pool. There is a REALLY high demand.

And we're off again.

Our team of dedicated developers are working around the clock to keep up with the demand. Luckly we know how to adapt quickly since we are used to making a spark in the cryptoworld.

Thank you for your patience.

Hey just a heads up there is an offline generator for keys so you don't need to compile the whole wallet.
It's located here...

Anyone else showing less sol/s on nicehash than on their miner? My 2 workers are putting out 36 and 16 sol/s but nicehash only reports 25 sol/s. Picture: http://prntscr.com/d07cle

Speed on the pool is calculated from accepted shares. It can take up to ~15min to normalize.

mine keep saying something about ignoring non-clean job, GPU is at 100%

I generated a taddr with './src/zcash-cli getnewaddress' and added it as my user with zcashd (along with the other required args). Been mining for ~15 minutes but haven't seen my taddr show up in the worker pool. Can anyone from NiceHash comment on how long it will take for your address to show up?

You own "pool verificator" tool doesn't think your own pool is compatible with your own website

This is perfectly normal response.
You are using public tool for resolving private host that is known only locally - and this is not possible.

Don't you plan to decrease payout ratio a little?

I keep getting "miner not authorized", but it was working earlier. Is this something I can fix or a server issue?