Nickel or aluminium


I have around the half a kilo of thermal grissly and i want to use it for my miner, but I want to know if the heatsinks are nickel or aluminum.

I know that aluminium is not magnetic and nickel is, but is aluminium even used for heatsinks?

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Yes, it is used for heatsinks:

sharndowg @ GPU Heatpipe Copper vs Aluminium | Tom's Hardware Forum

Copper has better thermal conductivity than aluminium. But sometimes heatpipes will be galvanized (coated) in another metal such as aluminium for corrosion resistance or aesthetics. Nothing to worry about. Noctua use aluminium coated heatpipes on their coolers and they are probably the best performing air coolers around.

Aluminium is cheaper and lighter than copper too.

okay I also got a noctuo nh-d15 and that uses nickel and I thought most heatstink use nickel or copper

most heat sinks are aircraft grade or better aluminum they have the benefit of corrosion resistance versus copper and much cheaper than nickel, essentially it’s the best bargain for functionality, if you want the best in thermal conductivity pure silver the best, you’d have to make your own and I imagine your sink would probably cost about $100
Edit- so if you’re scrapping a computer, don’t put that heat sink with your aluminum cans it’s way better grade