Z9 mini experiment replanish heat sink

Hello every body. My experiment its easy. I am changes heat sink with copper watcher and thermal compoud grizzly kryonaut. Its very good to low noise and low temperature.
In the z9 mini
Sorry i am new . The picture its problem for this topic for my. Sorry.
Now its temperature 58 degres celsius. Overcloking its on 650 and fan is half presure 3240 rpm. Temperature in the cellar is 21.
So my next experiment its with big heat sink 1 or 4 .

Post some pictures! :smiley:

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Hello . Next 10 Days its verry good. Z9MINI mini its stability. No error no restart . I am overcloking to 675 MHz and fan its on 3240 RPM. Themperatur IS on Procesor 59 degre celsius. And on Board have 47.
I am buyng new heat sink with 2,2k/W 4 pcs per Board. Next week i started there new experiment. the temperature assumption is 55 degre celsius with 3000rpm or low. And the life expectancy of components will be over 10,000 hours . hold me all your fingers for luck.


we wait for it. good luck!

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Only 10,000 hours? That is less than 14 months. Let’s hope for 30,000.

It’s closer to four years. You can’t run your miners more than 60 hours per weeks, there are labor laws to consider.

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But of course. :lying_face:

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any news @Armanototi

Only today i am started work on head sink drill holes for screws. I have 12 head sinks for 1 assic. The radiator dimensions are 40mmx52mmx28mm with 17 ribs.

and? sold? :slight_smile: 20char

Hello all. The pictures front experiment.

This IS new heatsings to Z9 mini . Next wekend I am testing temperature.

Next picture .

The paste Thermaltake grizly its not good. Why? After one year she dried up and hardened. Therefore, I recommend the Arctic MX4, which will last several years. Therefore, I also replace the paste for MX4.