Wallets didn't see my funds

hello guys pls help!

I create my wallet on mobile app zec wallet lite with seed phrase. Now can’t acces there. And try to restore wallet on desktop and there did’nt see my funds and purse which contented it. I see on blockchain this purse have money but my wallet did’t see this purse.
I tried also unstopble mobile app same did’t see.

And want to try full node app, but when i start it create wallet automaticly and did’t find in menu option to craete wallet or backup it.

what I can do? ,(

@dolbySur I’m sure it might be a small issue and @adityapk00 can help check on that.

If you need an alternative, install https://nighthawkwallet.com and restore your ZecWallet seed. It might take some time to sync the status of your wallet, so let me know if it works.

Make sure it’s being entered correctly, the only issue I ever had with the seed was once from a spelling error

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@dolbySur when you restore the wallet on the desktop, is the address the same as the mobile wallet?

@aiyadt this is a transparent address if he can see the balance on the blockchain explorer. Nighthawk doesn’t support them.

@Autotunafish seed phrases have a checksum. If there is a typo, the wallet should not accept it.

Have you checked Nighthawk on iOS? :smiley:

It does on ios? That’s cool.
I don’t have an iPhone :frowning:

Yeah thats what I assume the problem to be, a bad checksum and is the result if typing it wrong. If the seed is accepted and then there’s no funds which contradicts the visibility mentioned then its the wrong seed.

but anoter adress on purse i see, like more older that

No it’s android

i mean on that seed

can i trust it? becouse i didn’t found some feedbacks for it

So the seed restores a different addy? That means its either the wrong seed, perhaps from another wallet instance or doesn’t associate the other private keys because it was backed up before you created them but I don’t think you can create addy multiples in zecwallet lite mobile(and I assume for that reason partially anyways).

I checked and adding addys doesn’t change the seed so its the wrong one.

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what is it addys? and what I can do in this situation?

You said you created the wallet with the seed. How was this seed created initially?
You also say Now can’t access, does that mean you could before?

shure, before can receive and transfer coins. I created with offered seed from wallet