My experience using ZecWallet-lite, Nighthawk and Ywallet

Hi Zcash community.

My Zcash wallet was created using Nighthawk, but I am unable to view wallet balance, transaction history and other important information. On opening the Nighthawk app, it shows this ‘preparing to download’ and it stays that way for up to 20 minutes without moving.

I install ZecWallet-lite and try to restore wallet by inputing my seed phrase and wallet birthday, but after some time, the app stops responding and closes abruptly. I open it and input prompts again, but error response is repeats.

Ywallet is my only alternative but unfortunately Ywallet is now available in Nigeria.

Currently, I’m unable to access my wallet, don’t know my current balance and don’t know transaction history.

This is both a review, and a call for help from the dev teams.

Zcash Magazine.

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Could you explain why YWallet is not available in Nigeria?

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I can’t tell exactly. But Ywallet is not available on Google play store when I search. Can’t find it, so I assume it’s not available as other apps found via an easy search.


You can download the latest apk which is the android installer from the ywallet github (it says zwallet but thats the name from an earlier project) Releases · hhanh00/zwallet · GitHub
Android might complain about installing from non-googleplay sources but you can override that in the phone settings

Could you try again?