Nighthawk wallet failed pending balance lost

I can’t sent my fund it keep failed n status is pending. After that my balance is 0. And then it coming back as it should be. But I can’t transfer it. It keep failed n status pending n go back 0 n it coming back. It keep it back.wht should I do?


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Download zecwallet lite then use your seed phrase to access and move your coins.

Yess thank you guys for response I already uninstall n install it n recover seed phrase. My fund can be transfer to ze wallet lite. I works. Thank you guys.

Sorry for the delayed response, Nighthawk Wallet Android update v1.0.8 was released on Nov 15 to upgrade the zcash SDK which fixed a bunch of issues around transactions sending and syncing.

For future tech support, Twitter DM via @NighthawkWallet or would work better.