Nighthawk update for January 2023

This January, the Nighthawk Apps team introduced its team of 7 and a roadmap for the 2023 year. We look forward to the review of our grant application by the Zcash Community Grants committee.

Nighthawk Apps has started attending the PGP Crypto Breakfast organized by Electric Coin Co to keep up with regulatory updates. Additionally, we are part of 40+ organizations that are asking the US Congress to ensure constitutional & human rights are protected online and offline, champion privacy-protecting capabilities such as end-to-end encryption, and safeguard data privacy & security

Nighthawk Wallet updates:

  • Onboard iOS developer to Zcash ecosystem and connect with LCWG group.
  • Onboarded a new UX designer and transferred Figma project admin accounts.
  • WIP: migration from Cocoapods to Swift Package Manager for the Nighthawk iOS project.
  • WIP: to test and release an updated Nighthawk Android client.
  • App Changelog is published at

Light Client Working Group:

Goal: Keep up-to-date versions for zcashd & lightwalletd to continue providing high availability public infrastructure for light-wallet-based Zcash applications.

Goal: Provide a fast, lightweight, Tor-enabled, no-tracker/no-analytics/no-logging Zcash transaction explorer.

  • Review components rendering issues on mobile and scope out work to improve UI handling on various resolutions.
  • Investigate “Uknown” tagged transaction types and plan to improve the classification.

Zcash <> Thorchain Integration

Goal: Add Zcash to Thorchain to enable decentralized ZEC trading and LP incentives.

Python developer onboarding in progress: to write the ancillary code for the ZEC suite of integration tests on Thorchain. And migrated our grant application to the new Submittable platform with updated timelines: Gallery View: Zcash Community Grants Program

We continue to keep the DevOps portion of the Thorchain integration updated to keep up with changes from the Thorchain repository to run the latest version of zcashd when Thorchain infrastructure is bootstrapped. As for the Zcash-specific Thorchain work, the following items are pending:

a) Executing smoke test suite on updated test-net infra with zcashd v5.3.2 (last 2 tests remain)
b) Finish xchain.js wallet APIs for Zcash to support upcoming changes in conventional fee structure.


Connect with Maya Protocol (THORChain fork)!

Not related to the update but didn’t think I should create a new thread for this:

Where is Nighthawk wallet on ?

Its nearly April. Is this update monthly or quarterly?