Nividia 1080 1070 1060 and pcie express switch

I have already 7 rig for a total of 6000 Hash, but I plan to buy some more to gain some more money. I know that this is not a lot for 7 rigs, but it was optimized for ethereum and now I want to mine zcash. I have 4 questions for you guy’s.

First, I see that with the final version of nheqminer we can achieve a solid 400 hash with GTX 1070. My question is, how much hash will do a GTX 1060 and 1080 ? I want to compare between price and ROI with electricity too, because at my place electricity is so expensive…

Second, I’ve seen some people talking on that forum about an m.2 sata to pciexpress. Is it working ? Do I need to have a different windows or linux ?

Third, I have seen people talking about pciexpress switch. It convert one pcie x1 to 3x pcie x1. Is it working ? Is some people tested it ?

Finaly, the Asrock pro btc and h97 anniversary seems to be hard to find now… Do you recommend me another motherboard for getting 6 GPU or more for the less expensive possible ?

Thanks a lot. Waiting for your response.

Can you link to the kinda of PCIe switch you are talking about? x1 to 3X x1?

I have heard some people say these won’t work, and the question is whether software will support it. But I don’t know for sure.

  1. I can tell you that my personal rig has dual SLI 1080’s and playing around with nicehash and eqm I get 430 ish stock to and 470’ish with a little playing in msi afterburner.

  2. I have been in and read forums about m.2 and an 8th card, but have seen no proof of one working, just words.

  3. I have heard of this done on mobo’s with 4 pci slots trying to gain more cards, and I read about stability issues, over heating, and the cards not registered. There are a lot of forum’s but again I have not seen a video or pictures of one working stable.

  4. did you mean the z97 ? if so newegg has the msi z97 a, e, and e/usb3.1 in stock

Thanks for all your reply !

This is what I’m talking about thé switch. And I mean h97 anniversary. Its a motherboard 1155 if I remember ans there was 1 PCI x16 and 5 pcie x1.

seriously, read up to PCI spec, you dont want this

so a H81BTc costs 40$ and a celeron 20$ and a dimm 30$ so thats 90$ for a base system, PSU’s you still need and USB stick is 1$ whatever

so your trying to remove a 90$ base system with a what 30$ pci which you need 2 = 60$ to get 6x GPU … thats only price wise

next PCI-e uses bus adressing. so if you have only 1 slot you still have 6 addresses and you could use such a riser. if the mobo already has 6 slots, added a riser will give you addressing issues (BIOS,etc) which you might solve

but even if you solved that, its a serial typed bus … more devices causes more interrupts (you cann only talk to 1 device at the same time, more devices = more time needed). You must see the difference e.g. in mining with 1GPU or 6GPU’s at the same time …

finaly if it keeps crashing you wont earn money or loose money because its unable and need a lot of work.

its not worth it, just buy a few more mobo’s