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I downloaded and used Zecwallet lite for a long time and always updated. On 01/07/2022 my 349 zec were sent to the address t1UW2r8S5idi dMXeJxUPwDosix8MvYV2V9f, but it was not me, follow log below. This has caused me a lot of suffering, as it had been accumulating these coins since 2017. Can you help me find my zec?

chronological log without lines deletion moment the theft happened:
2022-06-29T19:31:15.414919199-03:00 INFO::Latest block is 1720555, wallet block is 1720555
2022-06-29T19:31:15.415021002-03:00 INFO::Already at latest block, not syncing
2022-07-01T22:31:20.804317327-03:00 INFO::Mempool monitoring starting
2022-07-01T22:31:21.920863303-03:00 INFO::Latest block is 1722985, wallet block is 1720555
2022-07-01T22:31:22.734586893-03:00 INFO::Set current ZEC Price to USD 52.49924270540329
2022-07-01T22:31:22.735279565-03:00 INFO::Fetching blocks 1722985-1720556
2022-07-01T22:31:30.411271679-03:00 INFO::Full fetching 2925a6f5f2fc23f1db703ba8a7228c7da2bdafa733f841b7fe4e7c8b597f98f6
2022-07-01T22:33:05.490743708-03:00 INFO::Mempool monitoring starting
2022-07-01T22:33:06.257865722-03:00 INFO::Latest block is 1722988, wallet block is 1720555
2022-07-01T22:33:06.963955837-03:00 INFO::Set current ZEC Price to USD 52.49924270540329
2022-07-01T22:33:06.966641924-03:00 INFO::Fetching blocks 1722988-1720556
2022-07-01T22:33:19.144628850-03:00 INFO::Full fetching 2925a6f5f2fc23f1db703ba8a7228c7da2bdafa733f841b7fe4e7c8b597f98f6

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I just found out I’ve been cheated, I’m not worthy to be part of this cryptographic community of enlightened! Poor me, I get the comfort that we’re all going to die and finally matched!!!