Noob and still don't understand suprnova anonymous mining payout

I am doing anonymous mining at – or at least I think I am.

I am using the ewbf-zcash miner in ethOS. When I go check my balance I can see that I have mined 0.05 Zcash. I read somewhere that I should have gotten a payout when I reached 0.01 Zcash but I didn’t.

Before I mined with ethOS, I was mining with Windows using a different miner and I was using my suprnova accout. I had my auto payout at 0.1 and it worked.

I then read that I should not use my wallet address to mine annonymously and at the same time use it on my suprnova account so I changed the wallet address on my suprnova account to an exchange wallet to see if that would kickstart the payout but it didn’t. Anyone knows what I am doing wrong?

Thank you for any ideas.

Hi, I’m mining ZCL coin in anonymous.
My balance Confirmed: 0.0377 ZCL. ~12h, suprnova payout 0.1
How payout in anonymous mining?


Idea? Somebody?