I am new here please help me

So i started mining zcash and i made 0.0052 ZEC on Suprnova,so i have some questions
1.How can i encrase my H/s
2.Where can i exchange zcash to BTC
3.I think this is very important for me, how can i withdraw zcash i mean where…i have no wallet so,can someone explain how to get this zcash.
Thank you.


  1. By increasing your hardware. GPU mining is the most efficient currently, adding more GPU’s will increase your hashrate. Also, make sure you are using the best miner for your current setup (windows or linux, amd or nvidia cards, etc.)

  2. There are several exchanges: Kraken, Poloniex, Bittrex, all that have Zcash wallets you can create and use to trade for BTC. There are even miners that mine ZEC but pay you in BTC, cutting out all of these steps. NiceHash is one of those.

  3. on Suprnova, once you have a wallet address, go to edit account, add the wallet address, and then you can start making manual withdrawals or automatic withdrawals depending on how you set it up.

Thank you so much, someone told my i kill my gpu i use Claymore 9.3 it is ok?

Just make sure you are watching your GPU settings. You dont want them to overheat, or have your fans spinning at some crazy percentage 24/7. You might want to run on default settings and not overclock the GPU to increase the lifespan of the GPU.

Thank you again where to change the wallet addres


The blank line item that says ‘Payment Address’

And cash out what is that?

To process a manual withdrawal. If you want to make it easy, just set an automatic payout threshold, and everytime your balance on Suprnova hits that amount, it will transfer it to your wallet.

Ok so on Payment Address i need a wallet? If yes what you recomed?

Yes, payment address = wallet address.

Currently I use Bittrex, but I will be switching to a Ledger Nano S soon :smile:

Thank you so you are mining zcash and what is your h/s?

Yes, I am mining ZEC.

Using the following:
Windows 10
EWBF’s CUDA miner
Nvidia GTX 980 - 220 Sol/s
Two EVGA Superclocked Nvidia GTX 980- 260 Sol/s each
EVGA Nvidia GTX 1080 Founder Edition- 460 Sol/s
Have some CPU’s mining as well… each doing 30-40 sol/s

I average between 1.1-1.3 kH/s

So in how much time it covers your investment sorry for my bad english.

It should pay itself off within 4-6 Months.

So for me it is profitable i have an r9 380x and i have some friends which mine on my account.and my hash rate is 400h/s

I can play games or my gpu will not work for Suprnova just for rendering games?

@Chrystyx, It will definitely drop your framerate in the game, and hashrate mining. Might even crash the comp lol.

Goes back to before about watching your GPU temp and fan rate.

Thank you so it is profitable to mine zcash?i mean not for you cause you have a good pc for a person like me?