ZCash Suprnova.cc Mining Pool payout question

I was testing out the Suprnova Zcash mining pool the past few days and had a question regarding its payouts.
On my single GPU system, I was averaging around 0.0011 ZEC every 1.5 hrs.

However, recently there were 2 long intervals of around 8~9 hours each where my worker was mining at the same rate for the entire duration and I received the same payout of 0.001 ZEC at the end of each long interval, the same as if I only mined for 1.5 hours.

My question is this.
Will the payout be the same, assuming I contributed the same share percentage for solving each chain, no matter how long and how difficult the chain was? And if so, does this mean that there will inevitably be “loss” days where I have to mine for 12 hours and still receive the same rewards as if I only mined for 1.5 hours?

Recently started playing around with Zcash mining so I ask for leniency if this is a noob question.
Thank you for the help.

Hope this helps answer your question

Payouts are based on the number of shares you contribute and if the pool you are on finds a block. If the pool you’re on finds the same average of blocks every time then you will get the same payout. If the pool you are on is lucky and finds more blocks, you’ll get paid more. If the pool you are on has bad luck and finds fewer or none, your payout will be less or nothing.

Roger that, thanks for the clarification!