Noob server question(s)

Evening all!

So, I'm new to all of this and have a few questions with my small little test rig.

(Warning, these are pretty noob-tastic questions!)

First off, what is the benefit of using different servers in mining pools? For example: Let's say I live in Nevada, USA and use Flypool for mining. What is the benefit for using the US server over the EU server? (My guess is that the lower latency (ms) will result in a higher/more consistent share rate.)

Next, if I am pulling a lower hashrate (let's say 800 h/s average), it would be most productive/lucrative to mine in a larger pool, correct? Then once my personal hashing rate increases via upgrades, move to smaller pools and/or solo mining?

While I do have more questions, I'm going to stop with these two as I know there is a lot of information to cover (especially in the second one.)

Thank you in advance for the assistance as I tackle this new adventure :slight_smile:

  1. yes, lower latency - lowers chance of rejected share
  2. larger H/s pools have higher luck chance, therefor you are more likely to get paid for your H/S but a smaller amount compared, where a smaller pool has a lower H/S and will have a lower luck rate but if they find a block you will get pad more since there are fewer people to pay/

Amazing, thank you! Good to see my brain is on the right track with all of this.

So basically with #2, to figure my best option I would need to do some trial runs for a day or two on each potential pool and track the actually payout, correct?