Public or Private Pool?

Hey all,

I started researching mining as a side project for the owner of the company I work for. Now I’m building a 2 x 1050 Ti rig with another 3 x RX 460 rig waiting to be put together. I’m pretty much hooked.

I’m planning to set up 5 or so rigs for my boss but am wondering if I should set up a private mining pool and charge a 1% fee to pay for my time, or just point them at something like Flypool and work out something in private?

What would you do?

I can say with almost 100% certainty that if you have a private pool, you will not find any blocks - so won’t get any reward.

The current network hashrate is: 297,826,326 h/s and you may have 2,000 h/s maximum from your rig setup. So your mining power is so small that Flypool and other pools will find blocks way before you.

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Cheers @zij

Would it make any difference if I said my boss’s rigs would be 6 gpu affairs with 1060(upwards)?? I forgot to mention that bit before. I estimate the rate of them alone would be would be closer to 9,000 H/s.

Thanks in advace

It may change your chance of finding a block to be once every 10,000 days rather than once every 15,000 days - but still you would be worth joining a pool. (figures for days wildly guessed, but essentially very little chance of finding one).

If you look here: you can see who are you up against and even 10,000 h/s compared to 297 million h/s for the network means you are tiny compared to the whole combined ZEC mining community - which isn’t meant in a derogatory way, but tens of thousands of ZEC miners around the world all mining is good!

I’m a mere twinkle in my daddy’s underpants compared to the community. If i was at school, I would have just learned to spell my name! So I know exactly where you’re coming from and appreciate your honesty.

Cheers bud