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I wanted to cash out some zec. Sent funds from a z address to a t address on coinbase… well attempted to multiple times. Tried with Ywallet, first time it just sat on sending transaction for a good half hour until I gave up. Tried Nighthawk, same deal… tried Zecwallet desktop, nope… back to Ywallet, nope again. Gave up… tried again this morning with Ywallet and the transaction went through, two hours later my funds showed up in coinbase. This sucks. No other way to say it… reading stuff about possible delisting and arguments over funding and a basic simple process is a mess. Is anyone accountable for a decent experience?


on latest version of ywallet my txns haf been super smooth and fast. check if ur wallet is up to date.

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Maybe you can explain a bit better about these wallets and funds? It seems like your transactions repeatedly fail, but its hard to determine from your story what exactly is happening besides giving up after excessive time.
Initially I wonder if the problem may involve sending funds to the EX from a shielded address. It should work but may incur a hold on the monies because of the zaddy involved. But that presumes it works at all.

“two hours later my funds showed up in coinbase”

This part is likely Coinbase requiring a stupidly high number of confirmations on incoming funds, I had a similar experience with Kraken (150 confs, took hours).

Can’t comment on other things, Ywallet works just great for me.


After talking with coinbase I think the issue was related to their required delays due to the “instability of zcash”. Reading through the forum posts, it is concerning that with these other projects the core usability is not smooth or simple. One of the other threads asks where leadership is? Seems like whenever there is good news we hear announcements, but otherwise crickets.


That’s because it’s a trust fund for the nepotistic people that run this centralized project. Must be nice to be on your own schedule, use OKRs (lol), and collect checks when your spaghetti code project has become too complex that it takes over a year to fix someone spamming it…

Seems like layoffs plus voluntary leadership team and board exits suggests a problem at the top, but yet the funding continues?

@cryptomuncher You’re referring specifically to the ECC whom are not the only recipients of the dev fund

I would put this a different way.

Zcash is 7 years old, and it is a project that has suffered under ~15-20 various advisory roles (or more?) for its whole lifetime (perhaps they’ve carried different roles, but the intent has been the same).

I would assert that all of these advisors (strategic, financial, etc) need to be shown the door. Evidence?

  1. Zcash relative adoption is pathetic
  2. 2024 roadmap has no deliverables
  3. ZEC as a BTC-sov or Fiat like USDT is unclear
  4. Too many half baked (over funded) wallet projects
  5. hashrate/ network security centralization
  6. In-fighting waste of time and resources
  7. Salaries paid, regardless of Productivity

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