Funds show up but aren't spendable

I sent some Z address ZEC to a wallet (Zecwallet Lite) I have used before, this time to a new address, same seed. Under All Funds it will list the balance and I can see the tx with over 400 confirmations but it isn’t showing up in spendable funds. I’ve tried importing with different wallets and no luck, rescanning, reinstalling the app, etc. Open to ideas, I believe I send and received the funds correctly

got it working using ywallet


Import private key or seed phrase into ywallet. Before that choose account button n change option to zcash first. It works.

I have two Zecwallets I need to resuscitate. Can ywallet do more than one?

Yes it can. It can hold many seeds/wallets at once

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Thanks! That worked fine. It took a few rescans to get all transactions, but eventually got them all, and I was able to send from there.


Ywallet is pretty nice, I had to crawl around to find the Zcash functionality but yeah :+1:

You only need to scan once if you add all your accounts first. Rescan updates all your accounts for a given currency in one go.

It didn’t, though. The first time I scanned, it only showed me transactions up to some point in 2021. With a rescan, it brought another few months with of transactions in. With a third scan I got the rest.

And actually now I have realized that the test send from that account didn’t completely go through. It’s still showing as pending on the other side.

And after a subsequent scan just now, it shows nothing – completely empty. So that’s not great.

Have you tried switching to another server? There is some maintenance going on mainnet.lightwalletd

No. I don’t even see how to do that. But I think I’ll just leave it alone for now. Presumably it will fix itself. I’ll check back in later.

It comes with lightwalletd and zecwallet servers preconfigured.

My settings tab doesn’t have that option.

You need to go to settings>mode>advanced then click ok.

Then go to settings>server

There you can change the server

I see. Thank you!

In any case I’m happy to report that with a fresh scan, everything seems back to correct. Hopefully things settle down soon.

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