Problems sending funds from Coinomi

Hey all I have an ancient 6+ years old zec address all I got is the address t1ZT6QZDcGc42dWqm4VwQZq9S3P4En3zpsa and the 32 character private key, been trying to sweep the keys into coinomi but when I do I get this weird error

74.56 USD

com.coinomi.stratumj.messages.MessageException: {“code”:1,“message”:“the transaction was rejected by network rules.\n\n16: old-consensus-branch-id (Expected c2d6d0b4, found e9ff75a6)\n[0400008085202f890140c1c47194d7c3c0d70c510423bb693debfb8c6f20874f35a4272188690895f8000000006b483045022100958d89ea96c03b22555382b53d0c2935a5ddda8abdcf59303f3b9411e79bb0a6022071cc4aec67f9f388596233b2a97f4a4632b7680c28335f4730bd8e40fb45c1d501210263740aa1868adc2c65a0baf95e9d23502cc761a28869ad812ea023940b072aa3ffffffff01c255e511000000001976a9141a019753f001466d80e5473c3984ad0d9bc6bc3188ac00000000000000000000000000000000000000]”}:

now I tried looking it up, I am NOT very technical, it seems to be a “consensus branch” issue and a few folks on github said to another person w/ similar issue to resend using original wallet? I can’t remember which device it was originally created on, much less the wallet, I just want to move these funds to coinbase and liquidate them.

Any advice?

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You can recover your wallet in Ywallet.

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