Now Bittrex is showing they can compete with Poloniex for incompetence

Bittrex seems to require 30 confirmations for a Zcash deposit but the number of confirmations they show is well below what Zcash explorers show. Now they’re claiming there’s a ‘vulnerability’ that somehow effects all ‘Z family of coins’…

That’s a bummer. I actually switched to Bittrex from Poloniex because Poloniex was being so strange about the ZCash wallet. Thanks for sharing.

bittrex…offline for zec wallet

Apparently Bittrex have reenabled ZEC.

For a technical analysis of the alleged bug in Zclassic and ZenCash, see my comments on Security Issue: Possible Buffer Overflow in OP_CHECKBLOCKATHEIGHT · Issue #97 · z-classic/zclassic · GitHub .

The code in question was never present in Zcash. I have high confidence that it would have failed a Zcash PR review, because of the presence of sizeof(int) in consensus-critical code.

Bittrex ZEC wallet is still offline

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For Bittrex:

(The tweet was posted at 07:59 UTC.)

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Poloniex still no zcash.

What is going on? Please just state facts.

You can do trading but no withdrawal / deposits.

Looks like the ZEC wallet has been restored.

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For Bittrex? :grinning:

I think so, check here: Bittrex Site Status


So from what I see someone filed a bogus report which resulted in bittrex putting the wallet in maintenance mode
Would be good to know if polo got filed a similar report and this as result had the same knock on effect.
Haven’t seen any mention of this from polo as they have really lacked in opening up about the cause etc.

Not to get conspiratorial or anything but it wouldn’t be entirely off the table for a party wanting to purchase zec on the cheap to go to the effort of filing a non existent critical vuln on the network of a coin listed on the worlds most liquid crypto assets exchange, knowing that the exchange would automatically place the coin in maintenance and as a result have the price plummet to their choosing once polo went public with their statement.
For double the effect they’d then target the next exchange where everyone is then being told to flock to as the new safe haven and reuse the same tactic.

I think the issues at Poloniex go deeper than that. They’ve seriously buggered up their Steemit wallet - it’s been that way for a week or more now. My guess is crypto currency trading has become too popular too fast and big exchanges like Poloniex can’t keep up, can’t hire people and upgrade their infrastructure fast enough.

Oh yeah - and cheers to Bittrex for not being quiet as incompetent as Poloniex. :unamused:

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Stopped trading on polo a while ago so have lost track of how bad things have gotten. Here’s to the mothership taking over!

Kraken and Bitfinex has had large growth also but hasn’t seemed to have any where near as much down time with wallets, if any that I know of.
Might reopen my account on bithumb and see if they have anywhere near as much issues as polo seeing as they’ve been switching back and forth on the number 1 spot as of recent.

If another exchange(s) does overtake Poloniex, they’re going to have to be much better at putting on capable staff and adding new equipment as needed. For what it’s worth, ShapeShift have (had?) the same problem - they couldn’t grow fast enough.


Bithumb have done so a few times now in terms of daily liquidity. One to watch.
And yes shapeshift are another one which have had issues but no where close to polo; *surprise* they actually have support

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