Beware Bittrex Zcash is still a mess

I just sent a number of ZEC to my Bittrex account and the transaction is currently showing 12 confirmations but nothing is listed on my Bittrex account. I've said as much on their slack and sent a support message. Hurry up and wait. Damn I'm sick of this amateur bullshit.

Doesn't bittrex require 30 confirmations before showing up as a deposit?

30 confirmations to be able to exchange or withdraw again - assuming Bittrex knows how to count. But prior to that a counter shows how far along those confirmations are for the pending deposit. That also acts as a bare minimum of acknowledgement of receipt. And it ain't workin'. Amateur hour ended a decade ago - this bs just don't cut it anymore.

Four hours later and my deposit is finally available. Never mind that I just signed up and used in the mean time to get the damn job done. Changelly seems quite competitive with their fees and its sign-up is much less invasive than Boloniex et al - and it's much nicer to exchange directly between whatever currencies rather than having to use Bitcoin as a go-between as with other exchanges...

Changelly seems quite competitive with their fees


How odd... What could possibly be more difficult about doing a fiat exchange than crypto-to-crypto? Oh. Wait a minute! Could it be the dinosaur banking system? Wow - I'm so smrt!

Hah, a full 50% markup on the current ETHUSD pair?

I am so smrt!

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