NU3 Needs a Cute Codename. Halp!

“Canopy” conveys scaling solid infrastructure


By jumping from sapling straight to blossom, the “trunk” phase of growth was skipped.

The next phase seems to be a fruiting body.

Which fruit?

Cherries are associated with good luck! :cherries::cherries::cherries:

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If it’s too soon for fruiting, pollination seems to be an appropriate intermediary stage

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How about Kudzo? Or also known as Japanese arrowroot (sort of a nod back to Satoshi Nakamoto)

Kudzo is known for smothering other plants and trees (in this case other alt coins) under a blanket of leaves, hogging all the sunlight and keeping other species( coins ) in its shade.
It has been used in Chinese medicine since at least 200 BC. As early as 600 AD, it was used to treat alcoholism,It helps with metabolic syndrome symptoms, It may ease menopause symptoms, It can regulate glucose levels, It reduces inflammation. (wanted to list all the positive things it’s known for.

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These are the suggestions posted in the ECC Twitter feed so far: Nector, Yeti, Pine, Tardigrade, Hortus, Effloresce, Fruity, Pollen, Pollinate, Anther, Spring, Lily, Honey Bee. And (at the dinner table last night) my daughter suggested Honeycrisp or Gala.:apple:


Merkleberry! 20 characters


Yes!!! Its a Merkleberry tree !!! That’s what we’ve been growing all this time :slight_smile:


Merkleberry should be used at some point. :grin:

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Actually, “yeti” was my suggestion for a Ycash mascot (via my Twitter post). :slight_smile:

I see some good ideas here that match the ones I was going to suggest. (Disclaimer: I am not a tree scientist of any kind). Metaphorically, the growth stages of a tree are a good for mapping early stages of Zcash. Further beyond that, you have stages of ecosystem connectivity that will include pollination and canopy growth. However, I think it’s early for that in relation to Zcash. Interoperability (like with Parity) is definitely a signal for that, but it’s still early.

This interim stage might be more about sunlight and air and water. Or stronger roots. The nurturing stage. Ultimately, it’s about leaves and roots and this stage. I suggest Leaf-out (the emergence of leaves). Or Rooting (a fun play on words about hacking and growing deeper roots).



It’s the first time where we see so many different opinions on different directions we should go on. Probably also one of the reasons Ycash is soon here.
Zcash matures and gets more complex. It p in different points in different directions. How a tree is actually freely growing, even before to being able to bear fruits.


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How about Honey? at least 20 chars.

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I’m in favour of switching to using names of specific plants (e.g. Moonflower, Merkleberry), just for the practical reason that there are far more of them than there are named stages of plant development. Also, some nice puns are available :slight_smile:


Merkleberry is adorable. Good point about not wanting to run out of names that extend the metaphor…

I also like Bamboo, Pollen, and Honey Bee. Of the three, I favor Pollen. (Nectar would work too!)

How about:

Blossom —> Pollen —> Honey Bee —> Meadow —> Forest —> [specific plants and trees]

I think Pollen / Honey Bee works for this too! Pollen is part of the plant reproductive process, so metaphorically is signifies growth, flourishing, and expansion. Especially fitting if the BOLT ZIP makes it in :slight_smile:


@nathan-at-least the answer to your quest is right there, hiding in plain sight, embedded in a URL posted on this thread:

Sprout, Sapling, Blossom, Bloom.


Oooooh I love Bloom too

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I like heartwood

and @hloo im trying really hard to think of something that starts with Y in its name (like Yew tree) or the technical term for when a tree trunk splits into that Y shape. not having much luck, thought you might find it amusing tho.

oh and I would have liked your post because it is a good idea, I just hate the word bloom, its like some people hate the word moist. - im cool with moist, hate the word bloom.


I like ‘shrub’ because it implies bushing out and branching, following our popular themes of rapid growth and tree development stages. Also a play on the soda drink! Other faves: bamboo, vine, trellis, underbrush, leaf-out.


Y’all have too many good ideas!!!

Z’anjou (like a D’anjou pear)


Two proposals: