Updated Post - Code Name for our next network upgrade (NU3)

Hi community! We’re getting ready to announce the code name for our next network upgrade. Our community started this conversation back in June and conducted a Coin Holder straw poll. It seems like we did not post an article on the final results of the vote (if there was a post - please share the link!).

We thought it would be fun to announce a name ahead of the Electric Coin Company Live Stream next week (mark your calendars for Tuesday, Nov 12 at 10 am MST).

As soon as I collect the information, I’ll write up a post with the results from the straw poll as well as this poll. Thank you for your patience and sorry for any confusion!

  • Bloom - to come into or be in full beauty or health; flourish.
  • Heartwood - the center of the tree, a strong foundation for the rest of the tree to grow
  • Pollen - the stuff that causes plants to form seeds, new plants then grow from those seeds
  • Other - add your suggestion in the comments section.

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Wasn’t this already done a few months ago?


Whoops! I had seen the Code Name thread but not that poll. What was the conclusion of the Straw Poll? Was there a clear winner?

Ok - apologies for the confusion. It’s hard to tell if the winner from the first straw poll was bloom or heartwood. I’ll update the copy/ name of the post and add a little summary of the results for transparency once I get to the bottom of this. Thanks for catching that @amiller!


i thought it was heartwood

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Hey !!! Lets do it again anyway !!! :slight_smile:

Just making sure no one changed their minds! :blush:

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I was pretty sure by all metrics it was heartwood - (including a metric I was arguing against. I :heart: t1Xcho! - :slight_smile: )

On a slightly more serious note though:

This doesn’t sound good for the “test community coin holder polling” mechanism for the dev fund discussions that quite a few reference.

I think the ECC was using this as a test run for some of the “community” weight in the dev fund selection process. I would argue that this kinda makes the exercise a failure. How do you think it would be better improved for the actual “coin holders” vote as it were?

@amiller what do you think? you were pretty involved with that thread. any ideas?

I know you are pretty new still @elenita but could you ask the ECC for us please.

Thank you!


I kind of agree, the amount of turn out for that poll was super low. The instructions were ambiguous about how to post your vote so that it’s counted in time, hence Sonya was relaying fhem. Sending z2z messages specifically to an address where we can count them is better. There’s a better discussion on how to do this here, using z2z address and incoming view key

We could still try that in the future! If it takes effort to carry out, turnout may still be low though.

And we still won’t know how to deal with whales coming in right before the buzzer, like what happened with Heartwood, and that also has happened in several folks DAO-like experiments. Maybe a good solution is for each coin to delay the deadline for a bit?




Hi Steve - From what I can tell, it wasn’t an issue with the straw poll mechanism, but that we didn’t do a community post/ blog post as a follow up that summarized the outcomes.

I am asking within ECC. I know a bunch of people are heads down trying to get ready for the live stream next week so I don’t expect an immediate response. Good news is, once I learn how to see/ read the results of the straw poll, I can write up a summary and document the entire process from lessons learned, suggested next steps and of course, finally declare the definitive name for NU3! :grinning:

Stay tuned for more.


I really appreciate that.

I wasn’t expecting anything immediate but it would be nice to see a retrospective. Thank you for letting us know that it is being thought about on some level.


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Now the livestream is done, and the ZFND are thinking about using this process, what is the NU3 code name :slight_smile: ?

it is kind of relevant to if this mechanism is viable, and how much weight should be put on it for the ZFND. hopefully they are already thinking about this.

@amiller How do you feel about this as a process for the “coin holders” vote?

thanks. (if the codename was announced in the livestream I must have missed it sorry)

Hi there! You didn’t miss it. The code name for NU3 is HEARTWOOD. There will be a blog post coming soon. I couldn’t ever find the results of the “Straw Poll” but based on the comments from people who participated in it, it seems like the results were consistent with the Forum poll.