Nvidia gtx 1070 ti

Show us how much give you this card with configuration ^^

I’m testing a MSI Armor (kinda sucks it has 8 pin + 6 pin) and I’m getting 500 Sol/s for 130W120W.

My configuration is:
Core +200
Mem +700
Power 65%

Thank you for your sharing

hi I also mine with 1070ti
check out my results

Core +250
Mem +750
Power 60%

Efficiency 4.7 and power consumption 108 W

I’m trying this out next time get to the office! Uoot uoot!

good luck …with this drop maybe will not worth it anymore

Don’t be such a scaredy cat! Looool!
This is crypto land, it can’t go down forever, and what is behind it( the tech) will not stop it from growing bigger and bigger!
Price will go back up sooner or later, just don’t live by the day, make conclusions in a larger span of time (months/years).