Anyone mining with an MSI GTX 1070 Ti 11GB Founder's Edition?

So I saw a video of a guy mining Zcash with one and getting 700+ sols/s on OC. That makes me very interested in getting one of those cards but they do not come cheap. I would like to see some evidence of more people getting the same hashrate with that card. Are mining with one of them? What hashrate are you getting?

You sure you aren't thinking about the 1080ti? I just did a quick Google search for 1070 ti and didn't turn up results or a news article from anyone about it.

The 1080ti can do 700+ sols.

post the link to the video or it didn't happen :wink:

my 1080tis get 715-730 sol/s at 85%-100% powerdraw, but one of them gets way too hot at 100% powerdraw and im forced to use it at about 60-65% powerdraw.. even then it gets around 630-650 at 60-65% powerdraw... probably pretty good for the watts its pulling I assume


Do you know why one of my cards always hashes at a higher temp? This happens on both my Nvidia desktops, 1080ti and 980ti... always one of them hits a temp about 10+ degrees Celcius over the other one... at first i thought one of my 980ti's was broken.. but its haoppening with my brand new 1080ti's also.. and i notice in ewbfs thread lots of people seem to run one card out of theirs at a much lower power draw also, so i am assuming they have temp problems also?

do you know why this happens and how to fix it?
it cant be thermal paste as my 980tis were waterblocked and had fresh thermal paste.

Take a photo? Are the cards close together inside a case? If so the top card will always run hotter as it is absorbing the heat from the bottom card as well as it's own heat.

@cryptomined the card that runs higher is it the one the video cable is plugged into? I’ve noticed on both my 1080’s and fury’s which ever card the monitor is plugged into seems to run hotter and slower.

Also is the other card that is running cooler is its fans facing towards the the card that is running hotter? I have noticed a daisy chain affect

@thesmokingman Yes. I made a mistake. I meant the 1080.

@CitricAcid here's the link:

I believe it might be the one with the display, and for me that would be the one on top of the other one. I will test out later today and figure out exactly of the 2 1080tis is running hotter. that was my assumption, the one powering the display, since i am using a desktop to mine and play games on sometimes. Thanks for the reply and thoughts :slight_smile:

has anyone been able to get more than one 1080Ti recognized by Win10? If so, how?

sure, just plugged it in to a slot and it worked without issue.

Odd - I'm getting an 'Error 43' about the bios not having enough resources. I've 16GB of RAM, and I've turned off everything not needed in the bios. I've even reset the CMOS a few times. Nothing seems to work.

hmm that is weird
if it was my system id reinstall windows and drivers from scratch and if it keeps happening i would contact hte motherboard manufacturer and nvidia

Yeah - I suspect it's the H81 BTC motherboard. I'm going to try it in an MSI Z97 when I get a chance.

oh then your using a riser? its probably your riser... or something in the BIOS
mine are pluggede directly into 16x slots as its an x99 board, one of my gaming desktops

ok the more I think about it yeah probably something in bios... or else hte board

try to contact asrock support and tell them your problem, they should be able to help more than I can

or maybe someone else here has had that problem

usually pro btc is straight forward plug and play

I'll try and replace the riser. It was working with AMD boards...but you never know I guess.

very strange
try to DDU uninstall teh drivers and reinstall
remove all drivers, amd and nvidia if you had amd cards on previously
sometimes windows has a bad memory