Nvidia Mining Build Feedback

Here's what I'm planning to buy https://pcpartpicker.com/user/shastaxc/saved/tk8t6h
I would like some feedback on this plan before I pull the trigger. I'm planning to gradually increase this up to 4 GPUs, all 1080 TI.

inb4 I get recommendations to buy AMD, I'm honestly trying to avoid AMD just out of principle. I like supporting Nvidia, and also EVGA. I mainly want to know if anyone sees potential incompatibilities I haven't thought of.

I appreciate the help in advance.

1080ti is really something. They guzzle power like no other. Turning down attributes which are not connected with sol/s will increase efficiency. Raising voltage is likely to result in frequent crashes, but we're only on like the first few bios. If the sol/s on the evga model are like my gigabyte aorus models then you will be very satisfied.

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Those who Mine ETH on AMD Rx(470/480/570) rigs put a lot of consideration into modifying the GPU BIOS (altering the levels, straps etc). But I don't see such efforts with Nvidia(1070/1080/1090) & Equihash /zCash. Is this not (so) viable with gear from team-Green?

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