Nvidia to release GP106 & GP104 Dedicated Mining Only GPUs Soon GTX1060 GTX1070 GTX1080

I was about to order a ASUS PRIME Z270-A for a 7 GPU Rig, heard good things about it, and bad things about Z170-A

Wooooot i just got my 1080ti sc2

hi did you get that rig?

Not yet. I am getting a 1600 W PSU rather than the 750W. Just double checking if I have everything correct

8 1080ti's
you probably want 2 1300G2's
is 1600 enough for 8 1080ti?

How many watts does one 1080ti pull? Everyone has a range between 260-400W

well i have 2 running, and I honestly forget, but I think when i measured it was 650 watts total system, but thats an x99 board, with 5930K, 32 gigs ram, lots of HDD, few SSD and an m.2, and bunch of fans, and AIO liquid cpu cooler.. so around 250 sounds right

I think TDp was 250 per card
id have to double check though

so if you had 8, thats probably around 2000W unless you reduce powerdraw and tinker with it

so 1300G2X2 leaves enough headroom for sure

Oh awesome. I thinking of looking at getting the BlackOctane frame since it is proven to cool efficiently :slight_smile: Do you recommend thee FTW3 or AORUS?

well i like aorus, but i also like FTW


With the Z170A you will need to flash the BIOS. I have the MSI Z170A Gaming M5 and it works like a charm.

Can one pick which Cryptocurrency coins to mine? Is one able to mine Zcash coins on their own or mine Bitcoin coins on their own?

You have to mine what the Bitcoin CEO tells you to mine :smile_cat:

Thanks for the heads up. I doubt my cards will be overtaken anytime soon, but it's good to know what to buy next! It's great that Nvidia is taking a lead on this.

When it's time to retire a GPU mining setup, what normally happens with those cards? My guess is they'd still have some re-sale value as actual graphics cards. Surely these mining-only cards will have less resale appeal.

Nvidia Tesla models have been around for quite some time, this sounds like another round of those. There are countless other non-graphics GPU uses besides mining, and a huge market for them. In fact the entire GPGPU idea started way before cryptocurrencies.

If it's truly mining-only, then it's a mining ASIC, not a GPU.

I also doubt the claim "tesla's ... miners wont work on them because they are developped on consumer hardware." Given that miners are written in CUDA or OpenCL, they should run on any relatively recent Nvidia GPU, whether enterprise or consumer. It's not like they have completely separate programming interfaces, that would be a waste of devel resources.

I heard that Nvidia is going to release GTX 1060 and 1080 without outputs (mining only), and some dealers are ready for pre-order.1060 is about $200 and 1080 is about $350.
I also heard that the GTX1080 can get 60MH/s per card with modifying the VBIOS or something, but I am skeptical about it.
Is there any further information from you?

Well, i‘ll Go with my 1080ti amp till Vega confirmed better results.

that's ture
MSI will made GP104-100 and GP106-100

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P106-100from P106-400(GTX1060)
P104-100from P104-400(GTX1080)